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After studying Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Huddersfield, I quickly entered the world of computing. As a young child I spent hours programming BASIC code on my ZX Spectrum and my Father's rickety BBC, "So why not continue doing what you enjoy?" I thought to myself.


Actually my Father encouraged me to find a better job than part time labouring and washing up in pub kitchens. I was lucky enough to find one working on a local Technical Support Desk. My self taught computing skills soon brought me to the attention of the company's development team, after a brief technical appraisal I was elevated to the role of Junior Analyst Programmer... that was back in 1996 and now, here I am working as Development manager for a local direct marketing company.

Why FoxPro?

The development language I learned back in those early days is still my primary language (and in my opinion is the most powerful development tools on the market) although I have branched out to include other common development tools within my repertoir. Visual FoxPro, although no longer a dedicated part of Microsoft's Visual Studio development package, will still integrate with Microsoft's other tools. It connects wonderfully with SQL Server, it will work with many 3rd party ActiveX controls. In my opinion, Visual FoxPro can be used for any enterprise need.


I often attribute my success with Visual FoxPro to three things:
1: Good training, when I started to teach myself FoxPro I had help from some of the best Fox developers in the UK. They taught me not only to avoid mistakes they had made but why to avoid them as well. Most importantly I learnt not to be scared of trying new techniques and to think outside the normal parameters of database development.
2. Ongoing support from my peers, there are a number of Visual FoxPro user groups and online forums that are an invaluable resource for any FoxPro developer. See the links below for some examples.
3. Analysis and Documentation, without solid analysis and ongoing documentation any project is doomed from the start. By using key elements of UML I can reduce a project's timescale dramatically. The documentation coming out of this analysis serves as a foundation for yourself and future developers to build on... it also serves to aid when troubleshooting a long forgotten project.

Other Tools.

I also write my own ActiveX controls using Visual Basic when required. I have a modest understanding of HTML and ASP as well as a slight skill with graphics packages. I do most of my back end database work with SQL Server and have no fear when it comes to trying out new tools.

Care to take a look at my CV?

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