Miscellaneous Links
True Bumf (Links for fun and High Jinx)
The Fantastic Mr. Fox, my Brinkster site (for testing ASP stuff)
Nukees, excellent web comic
We Love the Web
A site designed by a good friend of mine
Save the Dragons!
Ghosts UK
tourrettes sur loup
Me on Hot or Not
Lego Bible?
Lego Buffy?
Time Travel Fund

Live Action Roleplaying Links
LRP Store
LRP Store
Pagga LRP Forum
The Lorien Trust
LT Related Message Boards
Elven Alliance Web Page
Medlock Armoury
Logicus RPG Contacts

Work Related Links
Datalinx Ltd., my current employers
GoData Ltd., my previous employers
DBS Financial Management Plc., where I began
The Universal Thread
The History of FoxPro, an informative FoxPro site
Using the Win32 API in Fox, does what it says on the tin
FOXITE,another useful Fox site.
Fox Talk, online FoxPro magazine

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