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Below are a number of images I created for B3ta... they're all a bit shit but then "Shit is Good" is the motto of the B3tan Generation
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Image Name/Description Image Name/Description
Mollie Kia My first post to B3ta
Yasattak Monkey Wooyay
Mollie Sugden Swears What a looker!
MOY! Aggro!
Mutant Kitten on Desk After the bomb
Post apocalypse gayness The original tesla kitten
Erm... result of a mini challenge I think Baby McNugget
Animal Farm Baron Samedi (small)
Baron Samedi (Small but not that Small) Tesla Baby
Foxy Wooyay Another Foxy Wooyay
More Fox high jinx Posh MacDonald
Britney MacDonald Specialist Erection Services (fnarr fnarr)
He can't phucking Hammas Small Monkey Wooyay
Another one who can't hammas Billy Valance
Will code for $$$$$ B3ta infiltrate M$
Everytime you pirate M$ software
Bill vomits up another Kitten
Self portrait
B3ta Toys: Tesla Kitten Crazy Fool Wooyay
Mosschops Wooyay Furtive and the shield (Small)
Furtive and the shield (50%) Furtive and the shield
Tesla Kitten and Friends Tesla Kitten and Friends (small)
Kieranw has a bad day The Time Spazzer
Evil Kylie Bishop Spong
Lambwell SPONG!

Liz Hurley SPONG!

B3ta has left the building

What brought B3ta down?
Kieranw's Fear and Loathing Kieranw's Oates piccie
teach yourself Cobold in 24 hrs Kieranw's Teach Yourself Hummus
Jeff... what a gobbler he was More Jeff taunting
Songs of Praise The Grumbleweed Murders
Management Area Map to a potential northern party
Another map to a potential northern party Prince Charles meets B3TA
Spike on a Trike! Paxo in a Saxo!
tourrettes sur loup Tourettes sur Loup Ashley kills the Chris-spider
The Gathering: The Gathering, Death Mat The Gathering: The Gathering
Death Mat card
The Gathering: The Gathering, Lady Ash The Gathering: The Gathering
Lady Ash card
WHSpong WHSpong Squirrel Nutjob Squirrel Nutjob
Minty Minty Blair Witch Blair Witch
Yovavich and Malkovich on an Ostrich Yovavich and Malkovich on an Ostrich Blair Ostrich Blair Ostrich
Greedy Ostrich Greedy Ostrich Ostrich Heston Ostrich Heston
Ostrich Ellis Bextor Ostrich Ellis Bextor Ostrich Blair Ostrich Blair
Georgia MacKenzie Belms Georgia MacKenzie Belms Jaz Coleman Woo Yay Jaz Coleman Woo Yay
Where Skuld lives Where Skuld Lives Goodbye Sophie Goodbye Sophie
Mecha Ali Mecha Ali (Piloted by Stephen Hawking) Mecha Ali Mecha Ali (Piloted by Stephen Hawking) ... smaller
P Diddyman Sean "P Diddyman" Combs P Diddyman Sean "P Diddyman" Combs (Smaller)
Mecha Ali Vs Foreman Mecha Ali Vs Foreman (303 Kb) Mecha Ali Vs Foreman Mecha Ali Vs Foreman (Smaller)
Autobot Woo Yay Autobot Woo Yay Benny from the Jock Benny from the Jock
Brolly Valance Brolly Valance Holly Valance

Holly Valance

Brolly Valance Al animation Brolly Valance 500 posts celebratory animation

B3ta icons

Wicker Man Wicker man anim (small) Wicker Man Wicker man anim (full size)
Class in a Glass Class in a Glass    Click Here for More Childish Humour
Tarantu-Kitty Tarantu-Kitty Tarantu-Kitty Tarantu-Kitty2
Fidel Catstro Fidel Catstro Fidel Catstro Scat Soldier
Fidel Catstro B3ta Sluts Toad Tours Toad Tours
Hippo Potty Mouth Hippo-potty-mouth Hippo Potty Mouth Emma and I
Hippo Potty Mouth Lady with Xray Hippo Potty Mouth Blix the goblin
Hippo Potty Mouth No Hans Hippo Potty Mouth Cruel to Kittens
Carrot Flange = B3ta Challenge Carrot Flange = B3ta Challenge Shiny Nose Amoosing Nose
Carrot Flange = B3ta Challenge Gwen A Shiny Nose Flyguy the Telekinetic Pimp
Shiny Nose Facial Hair Problem Kid Robot Alyson Hannigan Robot Alyson Hannigan
Angry Angora Angry Angora Dope Yoda Dope Yoda
Crafty Butcher Crafty Butcher Rael Audio Rael Player
TC Woo Yay TC Woo Yay Ash and the Bear Ash and the Bear
Oil of YourGay Oil of All Gay Found Him! Found Him!
Loggins Run Loggins Run Little Chef Little Chef

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