The links below give access to a useful set of tools for people learning Elvish for use in a roleplaying context.

From fonts to vocabulary and phrase lists based on Tolkien's Elvish languages these resources are by no means a definitive guide to Elvish but will help you make a start.

A good glossary is also available at the back of Tolkien's Silmarillion.

Please also note that these files are not my own work, the credit goes to the authors listed in each file.

Tolkien Related Fonts A set of fonts I have collected from the net. Right Click and Save As
Elven Phrases An Elven Phrase Book I found on the net. Right Click and Save As
Elven Language An Elven Language Guide by the same folks as the Phrase Book. Right Click and Save As
Quenya Course (large file) A lengthy course in teaching yourself Quenya. Right Click and Save As